Yahoo! Hack Day 2008 Brasil - Bridging The Gap

terça-feira, 11 de novembro de 2008

In this weekend, we have celebrated the first Yahoo! Open Hack in Brazil, it was a great party in fact, the lunch was great, people were taking there time and having fun !!

I can consider myself a luck guy, i was invited to join the Globalcode Team, with my friends Vinicius Senger, Yara Senger, Eder Magalhães, Rafael Nunes, Pedro Germano, and a couple of Globalcode classmates =) ..

Caption: NetBeans plugin presentation

We have divided the work into team groups and as a result we have produced FOUR incredible hacks, yes man, i said four great hacks.. See below:

  1. NetBeans Plugin for Yahoo! Blueprint
  2. JSF Renderkit for Yahoo! Blueprint
  3. Mobile Planning Poker for distributed Teams
  4. Supercrud Mashup for Flickr

Caption: Eder presenting the Planning poker mobile

Obviously, my participation was related to the NetBeans plugin development =), it provides a template for Yahoo Blueprint Web Project, a sample application for Yahoo Blueprint, a JBlueprint librarie that encapsulates the Yahoo! Blueprint' API components (developed by Eder Magalhães), some Help Documents, an Update Center and the Developers Guide pdf file inside NetBeans.. =)

Caption: Award on "Bridging the Gap" Category

Our subject wasn't the prize only, our real intention was to build something useful for Java Developers, and make the work with Yahoo APIs easier with the NetBeans plugin and JSF Renderkit, we are planning open the code on soon and attract new developers to this great platform. so stay tunned for more details !!!

Caption: Globalcode "Super" Team

Caption: Globalcode Team and some friends from São Carlos

Congratulations for all the winners. It’s really amazing to see these great and wonderful work .. you are the best !!

See more details at Yahoo! Developer Network blog by Chris Heilmann

Caption: NetBeans Plugin Presentation

One of the best moments, was the Puff Hacking Video,, see for yourself

Puff Hacking from fczuardi on Vimeo.

Cheers, and we see you again next year !!!!

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